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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is the difference between a 911 dispatch centre & CPS' dispatch centre?

A. CPS does not answer 911 calls at this time. Other than that, CPS operates very much like any 911 centre would. We have call-takers and dispatchers, we utilize the same software and tools, we analize data and notice trends.


Q. Do you have your own dispatch centre or do you come on-site to where we are?

A. Both. We are very versatile. We meet with you and find out what your business goals are and we create a custom solution that would allow us to easily integrate with your current operations.


Q. Do you provide the radio system or do we?

A. CPS already has a wide-area radio system in place that is ready to go anytime, anywhere. You can read more about our coast to coast digital system here. However if you would rather use your current radio hardware, we can make that work also.


Q. How much do the dispatch services cost?

A. Many factors go into our pricing. We are always willing to talk about how we can help your company be more efficient, cost effect, gather & track important data and as an added bonus, add a wow factors to your services.




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