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Connect Public Safety Helps Provide Exceptions Medical Response by Streamlining Operations at Local

In 2014 Connect Public Safety partnered with St John Ambulance at the Boots and Hearts music festival in Bowmanville, ON. SJA Durham Division was looking for a company to provide everything they needed to improve organization, coordination, interoperability, and response times in their dispatch centre. Previously St John Ambulance was utilizing an old pen and paper dispatching system and a conventional

simplex radio system that had poor coverage of the whole festival grounds. Although it worked before, there was a risk for the responders and the public’s safety using a system like that. Reports at the end of the festival took numerous hours after compiling all the medical reports from each call which included missing information and doubled incident numbers. As such, Connect was used to design and implement new dispatch protocols and hardware systems. Connect offered a full range of hardware options that included a

call centre PBX IP Phone system, CAD software, Wide- Area Motorola Trunked Digital radio system including AVL and data systems, on-site training. Protocols were based on St John Ambulance’s operating guidelines, the Regions EMS’s response guidelines and specialized needs of the festival.

Key Facts:

• St John Ambulance provides medical response for approx. 40,000 people in conjunction with the local EMS service to facilitate the roughly 600 calls for service during the festival.

• Required a CAD system that is easily customizable to meet the demands of the unique operations at the festival to provide a more streamline and effective system.

• Detailed reporting system to ensure proper documentation is completed for all calls and to assist in better planning for future years.

• Digital radio system including GPS tracking of all medical response and supervisor crews to improve response time.

• Fast and easy training for volunteer dispatch staff and 24/7 support.

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