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CPS is now incorporated as a not-for-profit!

Connect Public Safety Inc. is going through some changes, this means higher quality services & training for you. Want to know more? Read all about us below and visit our website or drop us a line [email protected] or 844-252-7277.

"Connect Public Safety Inc. located in Southern Ontario, is a not-for-profit organization, originally a sole proprietorship founded in 2013. The organization was formed with the goal to bring top tier public safety services to the private sector where numerous "users" share our system to allow it to be affordable while operating only on a cost-recovery basis.

We provide consolidated dispatch services & public safety consulting for special events, private security and medical response agencies throughout Canada. We utilize highly trained staff that all have previous working experience in the public safety industry. Connect Public Safety Inc. also provides training & education courses to students wishing to pursue a career in emergency telecommunications. We offer in-class courses, lab training & integrate student's into our live working environment to gain hand's on experience.

Connect Public Safety Inc. operates on numerous wide-area radio/data system's throughout the Country and seamlessly links them all together to create one large network. All system's are owned and maintained by local communications providers in each province that monitor the network's 24/7/365. Currently, all agencies on this system are able to communicate independently or communicate together creating 100% interoperability.

Connect Public Safety Inc. has the ability to answer dedicated emergency and non-emergency calls and dispatch for various private medical and security agencies. Connect Public Safety's integrated dispatch system provides cost-effective & a cost-of-use model, delivers top-tier technology, and increased operational efficiencies. Connect Public Safety Inc. emergency call-takers and dispatchers utilize a computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system that allows access to information important to each agency, increased operations, and reporting/statistics.

Connect Public Safety Inc. provides a variety of secure, mission-critical technology services that supports its operations. This will soon include all of the following: computer-aided dispatch CAD systems, records management, mobile responder workstation's and electronic mapping. Connect Public Safety provides 24/7 in-house information technology personnel to support the software, hardware and ensure continuity of service.

Connect Public Safety Inc. is an organization that operates on a cost-recovery basis only.

Mission, Vision, Values...

Mission: Deliver exceptional dispatch & training service that help save lives and protect property on a cost-recovery only basis while utilizing state-of-the-art hardware & software.

Vision: Safer events and communities through more efficient agencies and excellence in communications & training.

Values: Integrity, Service, Creativity, Respect and Excellence"

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